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New: FLUX-Hifi Vinyl Brush

The FLUX brush is designed to free the record on the turntable from surface dust and static charging. A completely new design combines velvet pads with an integrated carbon brush. The special office ensures a flat cleaning of the plate surface, dust particles are completely removed.
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The new FLUX-Hifi Vinyl-Turbo

The FLUX-Turbo is a unique, completely newly developed device to quickly and easily free the record from dust and dirt. The Vinyl Turbo combines a carbon brush with an integrated, extremely powerful suction system.
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FLUX Sonic

The FLUX-Sonic Needle Cleaner is designed to gently, safely and quickly remove stuck dirt from the turntable needle. A targeted vibration ensures residue-free cleaning. It is not necessary to remove the stylus.
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FLUX Sleeves

The perfect LP inner sleeves for your valuable record collection – the structure is multi-layered. In order to protect the LP from surface scratches, a damping position. The special coating has an antistatic effect. FLUX sleeves ensure the best handling of the LP and safe storage for decades!
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  • Fast application

    With Flux Sonic, you can clean the needle of your turntable in seconds. An application is done in 20 seconds and your needle is thoroughly cleaned.

  • Simple application

    Our products are characterized by a simple but effective application. A drop of cleaning liquid on the device, holding briefly to the needle, ready.

  • Thorough cleaning

    The vibrations in combination with the Flux Sonic cleaning fluid achieve an extremely thorough cleaning. Convince yourself with our macro recordings.

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