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Unique sound is our mission

Flux Hifi GmbH & Co. KG from Haßloch is one of the true lovers of vinyl records. In recent years, vinyl has had a hard time, but now the classic music medium is returning at full throttle. Unfortunately, with the introduction of the CD, some products disappeared from the market, including the high-quality needle cleaner from the company audio-technica.

We were not satisfied with that. In 2015, we founded our company, even then with the aim of developing exclusive care products for the record. In the same year, we introduced FLUX-Sonic at the High End in Munich, an internationally renowned audio trade fair. FLUX-Turbo followed just one year later.

An overview of our history

The goal of providing all record fans with an undisturbed sound experience provided the starting signal for our personal success story - and many developments:

  • April 2022: New company headquarters with showroom in Haßloch, all products in the Onlineshop.
  • July 2021: Exclusive distributor of Lautsänger for headphones of the absolutely new generation.
  • September 2020: Sales agency for the high end hifi manufacturer  Opera-Consonance with their products in our Onlineshop.
  • May 2020: Relocation of the company headquarters to Schwetzingen and a new management.
  • August 2018: Start of development of FLUX-Sleeves, market launch May 2019.
  • October 2017: Start of development of the FLUX-Brush, market launch June 2018.
  • July 2015: Start of development of the FLUX-Turbo, market launch February 2017.
  • April 2015: Foundation of Flux Hifi in Pforzheim.
  • May 2014: Start of development of the FLUX-Sonic and FLUX-Fluid, market launch June 2015.
Flux Headquarters

New management and new address since May 2020 and a new address since April 2022

Since May 2020, Dr. Marius Gartner has taken over the management of FLUX-Hifi GmbH & Co. KG. He is not only the producer of all FLUX-Hifi products, but has developed all these products himself with his company, Boylon GmbH. The aim of the new management is to unite development, production, marketing and sales under one roof. 

About Dr. Marius Gartner:

  • Since 2013 Managing Director of Boylon GmbH, the development and production partner of FLUX-Hifi GmbH.
  • 1991-2012 various management positions in the automotive, tool, precision mechanics and electronics industries.
  • Tinkerer, designer, developer and Hifi enthusiast
  • Mechanical engineer TU Karlsruhe (KIT), doctorate in industrial business administration TU Vienna.

All FLUX products are developed at the common location Haßloch and produced in the same house in the manufactory. You get quality (hand-)made in Germany. We can therefore check the quality of our products at any time. We are particularly proud of this.

Our philosophy: We make good music

Inventing, developing and producing handmade, high-quality products made in Germany for the hi-fi industry –  that is our philosophy. The main focus of our company is vinyl and everything that goes with it.

We are never satisfied with the first best solution. Therefore, we will continue to work on bringing high-quality and functional care products for records and turntables to the market. Existing products are constantly being optimized and improved.

Flux Hifi is known worldwide for its care and cleaning products. Convince yourself of our products. Our online store is open around the clock for you!

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