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The FLUX-Sleeves convince with three important advantages: 

The sleeves for records have a special coating that is antistatic and thus prevents the adhesion of dust and dirt. At the same time, the surface is particularly smooth, so that the vinyl records can slide in gently and easily. This prevents damage to the record surface. 

The FLUX-Sleeves also impress with their archive quality. Safe storage, even for decades, is not a challenge. You do not have to fear any surface scratches or dirt and you can still look forward to the best sound experience even after several years of storage. Don't you feel like getting the old records from the cellar?

FLUX Sleeves

Best protection for your vinyls

The perfect LP inner sleeves for your valuable record collection -  the structure is multi-layered.

In order to protect the LP from surface scratches, a damping position. The special coating has an antistatic effect.

FLUX-Sleeves ensure the best handling of the LP and safe storage for decades!

FLUX-Sleeves in Onlineshop

FLUX Sleeves

Our record sleeves in two product variants

Our special record sleeves are available in two versions - choose what fits to your purpose:

  • High-quality collector's box including 50 FLUX sleeves 
    Our tip for your first purchase! The collector’s box is used for optimal storage of the PE packaging. 
  • 50 FLUX sleeves in PE packaging (without collector box) 
    Ideal to buy a second time to refill the collector box.
    If you need additional protective covers.

FLUX-Sleeves ensure the best handling of the vinyl and secure storage for decades! 

The perfect solution: regular cleaning

The sleeves for records work best in combination with our high-quality cleaning and care products. If you clean and care for the vinyl record regularly - for example with the FLUX-Brush or FLUX-Turbo - then the classic music medium will last a particularly long time. In addition, the sound quality is greatly improved, because dust and dirt interfere with the function of the stylus system.

The sleeves for records are available worldwide through our onlineshop. The product can also be found at the well-stocked HiFi dealer. Trust our many years of experience in the field of record care and treat your most valuable vinyl records to the best possible care. Your “black gold” will thank you.

FLUX Sleeves
FLUX Sleeves
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