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Material FLUX-Sleeves – Record Sleeve


  • Film material: HDPE high density polyethylene, thickness 25µm, without softeners
  • White inside paper material: white rice paper, basis weight 80 g/m²
  • Weight: 1.2g
  • Color: Standard color white, other colors available
Record Sleeve FLUX Sleeves (Drawing)

Record Sleeve FLUX-Sleeves (Drawing)

Record Sleeve FLUX Sleeves (Picture)

Record Sleeve FLUX-Sleeves (Picture)

The 3-layer inner cover made of rice paper with a cushioning intermediate insert effectively protects your valuable LPs from scratches and has an antistatic effect. The plastic material is HDPE without the use of softerners or plasticizers, those would ruin your vinyls.

Protect your records (vinyls, LPs) from wear, scratches and debris with record sleeves from FLUX-Hifi. The protective sleeves ensure that your vinyl records remains in pristine condition. A new inner sleeve is mandatory and should be used after every LP wash with a record washing machine.

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