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Technology FLUX-Sonic

  • With the FLUX-Sonic, just 15 seconds is all it takes for your stylus to shine.

"The hand-sculpted gadget did its job flawlessly during our checks. And its work is not to be underestimated: A clean stylus sustainably promotes sound quality, as we can hear again and again but we can also measure it." STEREO Special HiFi analog No.1

The FLUX-Sonic needle cleaner was developed in Germany and is also produced here to gently, safely and quickly remove stuck dirt from the turntable stylus. A targeted vibration with a frequency of 210 Hz and the 3-dimensional amplitude of a maximum of 8µm ensures residue-free cleaning. Removal of the cartridge is not necessary for this.

The application is simple and works on any turntable. FLUX-Sonic can be used as often as desired. It is recommended to use it after approx. 5 LPs. The delivery includes 5ml of the cleaning fluid FLUX-Fluid. FLUX-Fluid is also available separately in 15ml bottles. Rediscover your record collection!

  • Cleans and cares for your valuable cartridge
  • Improves the stylus readability
  • Increases the life span of the stylus
  • Increases the sound quality
  • Quick and easy to use

Technical data

  • Low frequency oscillation with 210 Hz
  • Amplitude of only 8 µm in X and Y direction, 2-5µm in Z direction >> This protects the sensitive stylus, which is located in the magnetic coil
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 LED diode for illumination of the pad, so that a precise placement of the stylus is possible
  • On the underside with felt this has "anti-slip nubs"
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