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Technology FLUX-Turbo 2.0

The FLUX-Turbo 2.0 is a unique device, completely designed and manufactured in Germany, to quickly and easily remove dust and dirt from vinyl records. The Vinyl-Turbo combines a carbon fiber brush with an integrated, extremely powerful suction. But only so powerful that the record does not get "stuck" by the suction force.

For this purpose, a special cyclone with replaceable filter was specially developed, which makes it possible to realize a strong suction power despite the small housing size. Surface dust, as well as the dirt that sits deep in the groove, is extracted within a few revolutions without leaving any residue.

The inner working of the Turbo is very complex. To achieve usable suction power in this small, lightweight housing, every single part had to be specially developed. From the geometry of the fan wheel to the shape of the intake manifold, the design was optimized wherever possible. At the slightly inclined end of the suction channel, you can clearly see the integrated guiding lines, which ensure that suction is evenly distributed over the entire surface. An elaborate filter design, whose cartridge can be easily replaced, collects the dirt. The capacity of the batteries lasts well over 100 applications.

The brush insert made of real carbon fibers is additionally grounded, so that the record is deprived of the static charge, which attracts even more dust. The large area contact strip under the switch is responsible for this. This is electrically connected to the conductive brush fibers.

The effect on playback is surprisingly strong. The sound seems liberated. Even complex music with strong modulation is reproduced with significantly less distortion. Sampling noise, previously characteristic of analog playback, is reduced by up to 50% through the extraction before listening. The goal here is not to achieve clinically pure playback, but to get the best out of everything contained on the vinyl record. And that is really a lot. More than one would have dared to hope for.

The decisive factor in using the FLUX-Turbo 2.0 is its simplicity. Quickly sucked over the record and the pleasure can start. Listen to vinyl records better than ever before.

Only when the LP is free of dust can the pickup system sample the record without noise and distortion.

The best record cleanliness result is achieved when you wet clean your records with a record washing machine, put them dried into a FLUX-Sleeves. You usually do this wet cleaning process with many records. Then before playing the vinyl record, the FLUX-Turbo 2.0 comes into play, it pulls the loose dirt, dust etc. out of the groove, the carbon fiber brush takes away the static and the record is ready to play.

With a conventional brush you push the particles into the groove so that they get wedged and this creates the crackle when the needle jumps over the dust particle.

Video: Flux HiFi Vinyl Turbo | FONO.DE SG Akustik HiFi-Studio

Video: Flux HiFi - Vinyl Turbo Schallplattenreiniger

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